Dressing for a special occasion, be it an engagement, wedding, christening, or any formal event really, can be daunting. While special events are always exciting, deciding what to wear to them can be stressful, especially when dress codes are involved. After all, choosing an outfit that is appropriate while still being fabulous can be a challenge. Of course, the classics are always on-trend, so if you’re after a white dress for a pre-wedding event or an LWD (Little White Dress) for, well, anything, we’ve got you covered.

We all know that white stands for purity, innocence, freshness, simplicity. But, think again… White is also such a powerful colour. It symbolizes a new beginning and a fresh new start. No wonder it’s become the prominent colour for wedding and engagement ceremonies. While a classic choice for these nuptial occasions, a white dress doesn’t have to be boring, or predictable.

Our Nadira Blanc dress ticks all the right boxes. Cut in a body-con silhouette, it has the right under-the-knee length that makes it utterly elegant and formal-occasion-appropriate. The pleated detailing round the bust, accentuated by a massive bow, the thin straps that reveal the shoulders, along with the front slit that enhance movement, counterpart its classic appeal with a contemporary flair. Its sateen shine reflects light just as a pearl does, subtly but prominently. Perfect for any formal occasion, (let alone weddings and engagements – only require a daring spirit to choose it), this white cocktail dress promises a night to remember with all eyes on you.

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Nothing beats a bold, luxurious look! Don’t you agree ladies? For all those special summer occasions we so much look forward to, the answer is always ONE STUNNING COCKTAIL DRESS! After all, no one likes to go unnoticed! And what better way to turn heads but with a dress that highlights all the qualities of femininity.

Shape and fit are always the number one prerequisites for me when designing a dress, or for you when choosing one, (and that’s a definite realization from a women designer who designs for women for over 20 years now!). With the Sadia style, it’s all in the perfect fit and the flared skirt! Its elegant cut contours the curves in all the right places, while the trumpet hemline adds a touch of playfulness to it making you want to dance along its spirited outline. The heart-shape band suits perfectly to its strapless bust line, yet it’s the ruffled detail on the bodice that steals the show!

Impeccable tailoring along with surprising details, a feminine silhouette and a fresh pastel blush hue in shiny silk fabric, make Sadia the go-to style for the contemporary woman, who feels equal parts romantic, confident in her own skin and ultra feminine. Wear it to your next formal occasion with strappy sandals and sleek accessories for the bold luxurious look that feels undeniably forward-thinking. Oh, and enjoy the compliments!


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The most cheerful shade of blues takes centre stage in this season’s mood boards and becomes the colour that instantly upgrades our summer wardrobe, for vacation and beyond. Did I just say vacation? Yes!

When it comes to your vacation wardrobe, what are you looking for my dear friends?

To me, there are certain components that need to tick the right boxes, starting with comfort. And when I say comfort I mean comfortable silhouettes and cool fabrics. That’s always the first aim when I start designing a new collection, especially a summer one. Silhouettes need to be flowing, easy to wear, and feminine all together. Fabrics should be lightweight, breathable and breezy so that they hug the body with a feeling of coolness and simplify movement. Silk chiffons, cotton poplins and lightweight laces are my go to choices.

And then comes the ‘’wow factor’’. There should be something special in every piece. Either the colour shade, or a stunning detail that makes every garment unique and worth turning heads. Sometimes huge bows and intricate trims do the trick. Other times ruffles work wonders, while there are time when the simplest of silhouettes are turned marvelous just by a bright unexpected hue.

The brightness as aqua really inspired me for this vacation capsule wardrobe. Fresh and dreamy, it gives the feeling of exotic beaches, crystal clear waters, and the power of waves. Indeed, this cheerful shade of blue evokes so much energy and calmness all in one. And it was the perfect choice for this summer’s super stylish and trendy vacation pieces. It works perfectly well paired with other bright colours, like yellow, for unapologetic colour-blocking. It brightens up neutrals and with white it really is a match made in heaven!

I hope you love it my dear friends as much as I do! And when you wear it, I hope you blend in the perfect aqua setting!



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There’s something exhilarating about colours! Heart-warming and full of energy, they transfer me to blazing sunsets deep diving into endless and restless oceans. They transcend me above horizon lines, they give me supremacy to push my limits, get out of my comfort zone, conquer new dreams. In other words, bright tones give me life.

When it comes to wearing them, colours offer absolute freedom of expression. While I was designing my new collection, it seemed like a natural evolution to add a big dose of brightness. I felt the urge to supplement that source of energy to my creations. When everything around us seems mundane and static, colour acts as a driving force for change.

So here is one of my favourite dresses. Nadira is an explosion of feelings, energy and outright elegance, all in one. Its feminine silhouette with the front slit for the right amount of sexiness and the playful bow around the bust make it simply irresistible.

Vibrant fuchsia and blazing orange work miracles together and they have a very special place in my heart for the energy they transmit. Fuchsia symbolizes uniqueness, confidence, maturity and certainty. It nurtures, soothes and inspires, showing a fun-loving trait. Paired with orange, which symbolizes joy, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, determination, happiness and fascination, it creates the perfect combo to uplift the spirit and make you feel invincible.

So, dare to wear colours my dear friends. You’ll be surprised by the transformation they empower in you. After all, life is too short to wear boring clothes!



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One thing this pandemic has taught me, (and to many of you all the same, I’m sure), is to never take anything for granted again and never put off anything for later. After a year of travel deprivation, the moment I realized that there were safe ways and safe destinations to travel to, I called my besties, organized everything in the blink of an eye, and off we were on a flight to the idyllic El Gouna.

I’m not going to talk about all the ways travelling has changed during the Covid era in this post. However, I’m definitely going to talk about the joy of it all, starting from the excitement of packing a vacation capsule wardrobe, to spending precious time with friends close to heart, no matter the restrictions.

And oh, I planned it so well my dear friends! Mentally travelling to the exotic shores, before the actual trip, I imagined the wind in my hair, sand in my toes, sun and salt on my skin, and all the perfect vacation pieces came to life. Flowing dresses in silk pastel colours, trimmed with delicate lace, wrapped us in the breezy days on board. Imagine the beauty of it, three happy girls in dreamy dresses laughing and feeling blessed, all dressed in matching sheer silk frocks.

Comfy elegant onesies with impressive frills and voluminous sleeves and broderie anglaise easy cotton sun dresses accompanied us from brunch to cocktails, while the joy of being together after such a long time, only made every moment count to the max.

There’s a perfect dress for every woman and every moment, every destination and every dream. With that in mind, my vacation capsule collection is just about that. With perfect summer essentials for every woman, every joyful carefree moment, and every destination.

Dress for your next dream vacation and enjoy every moment!



The Ramon Filip Spring/Summer ‘21 collection captures the supreme body movements of a prima ballerina with whimsical dresses that emerge from a fantasy fairy-tale world in masses of tulle, one pirouette at a time.

Intervening between adagio and allegro, the prima ballerina jumps out of the fairy-tale with a flawless “ronds de jambe” right into the real world. She floats in the air in a slender and agile movement covered in a cloud of tulle. Graceful and free, she seizes the moment. The grand jeté!

Inspired by the precision and mastery of ballet choreography, Ramon Filip reinvents the connection between fashion and dance with skilfully sculpted feminine silhouettes that embody the continuous flow of every movement through fabric fluidity and captivating embellishments. The collection boasts a delicate, yet powerful sense of femininity. From highly embellished tulle and organza to elusive lace and structured satin, fabrics intertwine in perfect harmony, tangling in drapes and fringes full of movement.

Fitted bodices are balanced by light and airy multiple layers of tulle while feathers hover over dresses made of hand-embroidered crystals and beads. Shoulders are finely defined and revealed through spaghetti straps and sweetheart necklines adorning light dresses and floor-sweeping gowns. Tulle remains the star of the show covering silhouettes with a sensual softness. Bringing to life classic ballet gowns, the collection features a subtle and romantic colour palette that goes from powdery hues of white, lavender and aqua, to dusty pink and moonlight greige.

Suitable for the modern bride, romanticism and lightness are at the core of this season’s dresses. Through timeless silhouettes, modernity and glamour evolve on soft flows of tulle, organza and multiple ruffles. Embellishments delicately shower the gowns and convey a message of hope, tranquillity and serenity.

With the newly launched Eleftheria Square as a setting, the historically significant architectural intervention that unifies the ancient Venetian walls with the modern city beyond, the new Ramon Filip collection embodies the anticipation of a new beginning rooted deeply in history, tradition and dance as an art form that evokes emotion and unifies the past, the present and the promising future.

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White for winter? Well, it is actually ground-breaking my friends! I honestly can’t think of anything looking more luxurious than a winter white outfit. This crisp, neutral hue has the ability to make every ensemble look seriously classy. And you know how I like to break the rules… In this case, behold one of the most classic and chic fabrics ever, the tweed, transformed into a cool, effortlessly chic, hoodie dress ready to take you from day to night in chicness overload.

An instant mood lifter and a desired alternative to the black and grey hues we’re used to wearing throughout the cold-weather season, this oversized sporty chic hoodie makes you stand out while making a statement. A statement that says I’m not giving up. I’m on top of my game. And while doing so, you choose to move with absolute ease between occasions and situations with a positive vibe, a playful and elegant mind-set, just like the outfit you’re wearing.

I choose to wear my hooded tweed dress with all-white accessories to increase its impact, while keeping it effortlessly elegant, cool and cosy.

After all, mixing and matching textures elevates every look, that’s for sure. Just add a touch of leather with your white combat boots and a trophy bag for the ultimate luxe cool winter white outfit, and you’re ready to go.

Feeling inspired to go all-white this season? I hope you do. (Just be careful with that coffee!)



Tweed Hoodie: RAMON FILIP


Combat boots: CHANEL (Tiffany Boutique)

Photography: Michalise Photographer Cyprus

Living in an era where the new norm calls for ease and comfort, RAMON FILIP transforms wardrobe staples into modern and luxurious eveningwear with a powerful 80’s flare that makes them simultaneously glamorous and versatile.

Day to night pieces get a whole new meaning in RAMON FILIP’s new collection. Think powerful tailored blazers and jackets paired with high-waisted skirts, or easy-to-wear bustiers and legging-style fitted trousers. Sleek dresses that enhance the female figure. Comfy-chic jumpsuits in vibrant pink. Strong shapes, powerful silhouettes, impeccable tailoring, luxurious fabrics, glamorous details.

It’s an image appropriate for strong, independent women, corporate executives, leaders, unapologetically ambitious career women, who have devoted their existence to pursuing a sense of freedom. They get dressed to accommodate their busy schedules, to project an image that is both appealing and powerful, confident but not arrogant. Charismatic. Credible. Comfortable. Feminine. They choose versatile pieces to wear from business meetings to fancy dinners, just by adding the right accessories, by throwing on their shoulders a velvet blazer, or by adding a polka-dot tulle blouse underneath.

Besides its versatility and ease, this collection is nothing short of luxury and glamour. Hand-embellished mirror beads adorn pencil skirts with high slits, velvet jackets and mini dresses with ruffled tulle inlays. Feather details create high contrasts on strapless dresses and mini skirts, whereas versatile bustiers are worn with almost every attire paired with delicate tulle blouses, blazers and neoprene legging-style cropped trousers.

The colour palette includes black, silver and fuschia, heightened by feathers in white and ash – a contrasting palette enhanced by ultra-modern touches. Between a masterful classicism and rethought contemporaneity, RAMON FILIP’s vision relishes in a reinterpretation of past — yet never old-fashioned — codes. The combination possibilities are endless, as are the potentials of the women who choose to wear them.

Is it just me, or do you also feel invincible when wearing leather? (Faux leather in this case, but one that looks as good as the real deal). I’m extremely happy that leather proved to be one of the season’s biggest trends. I am a big fan of glamorous designs and funky experimentations, that’s why I recommend giving a try to leather ensembles this season. After all, this is an ideal time of the year when we can wear functional clothing.

I love the feeling of leather. The polished look, the versatility, the tough yet buttery feeling. The strength it projects along with its ability to wear it up or down with the suitable accessories. Composed by an oversized shirt with tapered trousers, this ensemble for me is the epitome of versatility. Easy-to-wear, perfectly on trend, comfortable, structured and in the sweetest caramel hue. It is my go-to attire for day-to-night looks that are perfectly tuned with comfy-chic mood we are all thriving to achieve in our demanding everyday life.

Needless to say, the options of wearing the two pieces separately are just infinite. So go for it! Go for a total leather look. Keep on experimenting and see what makes you feel comfortable and special.

Faux leather twinset from my new collection available online.

Faux Leather Twinset: Ramon Filip

Bag: New Bottega

Sunglasses: Italia Independent

Photography: Michalise Photographer Cyprus

Let’s face it. We have all spent too much time at home in our pjs and joggers and we’re craving for some good-old-times dressing up. I’m here for it ladies! I’m wearing my most lavish feather party-dress to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday, (when covid safety regulations allowed small gatherings). And I was there to party because if there’s one thing the lockdown has taught us all, that is to never take anything for granted ever again. It is the time to reflect, evaluate, prioritize, appreciate and party hard whenever we get the chance to! I go for ‘’more is more’’ with any opportunity I get, I unapologetically own the look and dance the night away.

I chose to wear this extravagant feather dress because I honestly feel that it gives me wings! Wearing it empowers me. It fills me with the recognition that I can still play the game on my own terms, no matter the constraints, no matter the rules. And it, once again, highlighted how the things that are physically closest to our bodies – our clothes, (just like the people that we love, hug and kiss) – can dramatically change our mood, our attitude and eventually our perspective.

No matter if there’s no party going on at the moment, the ritual of going into my wardrobe and putting together an outfit, it’s an event on its own right. And here’s what I’ve come to realize: that rather than being restricted by fashion during lockdown, I’ve been emancipated by it. The idea of dressing for myself, with no societal dress codes or rules to follow, has become a revelation. It is the most liberating feeling of all!

When everything around us is falling apart, dressing up is an act of revolution! The most glamorous, extravagant, voluminous and loudest things in my wardrobe offer me a hand to fight the lows of any situation. They become the bright anticipation that better days are coming. They became the wings of my imagination that transform my thoughts and lift my spirit. That’s the power of fashion and that’s one of the main reasons I so much love my job. It gives me wings and makes me fly!

Dress: Ramon Filip

Sandals: Aquazzura

Photography: Michalise Photographer Cyprus