Not so long ago, style and comfort did not go together. But hey, it’s 2020! And thank goodness we’ve come a long way in terms of dressing up, dressing down and everything in between.

Personally, I love dressing up. But I also love to feel good and comfortable in my clothes. And when it comes to my business look, I want it all. Elegance, comfort, style and versatility. Business casual is not hard to achieve, as long as you know your style DNA. I’m a big lover of blazers and jackets, as they instantly add that edginess and elegance to any executive look. So, if you mean business, a blazer will become your wardrobe hero.

And jeans? Oh jeans! I could live in them and I love incorporating them in my everyday business looks. Fit and colour matter ladies, so make sure you choose the right style that flatters your body type, and is business appropriate.

Accessories are a whole chapter on their own. Let’s just say that a pair of modern edgy sandals will instantly elevate your look while make you stand out from the court-shoes-tribe, while some golden hued jewellery will add the right amount of sparkle to your outfit. 

Since comfort and versatility have come to define our wardrobes, smart casual dress code is here to stay. After all, it takes us from office to happy hour in style, and we couldn’t ask for more!

Jacket and Jeans: Marks and Spencer Cyprus

Mules: Joyas Romania

Loafers: Prada

Bag: Hermes

Photography: Michalise Photographer Cyprus

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