How many white shirts are too many to have in your wardrobe?  I say there are never enough! Let’s be honest here. Some of the most versatile and easy-to-wear pieces in a woman’s closet are borrowed from the men’s. Think blazers, trousers (slim fit, wide fit, cigarette, you name it), jeans, t-shirts, vests, even sweaters… And the list goes on.

If we look back in the history of fashion, I say it was about time we, as women, claimed back the comfort and ease offered by these pieces, once restricted solely to men. (Remember corsets and crinolines?) Call it a feminist reaction, call it a fashion revolution. Whatever the name, women, once again, prove that anything in their hand, (and body), becomes better!

Think of all the ways you can wear a simple white shirt… Endless, really! I opted for a high slit skirt in this look, because this sexy feminine wardrobe hero is my new go to. Made from velvet neoprene stretch, this skirt is so perfectly hugging my curves in all the right places. OMG this combination is the perfect recipe for feeling sexy, confident, but classy and elegant at the same time. A seamless combo to balance the feminine with the masculine, the glamorous with the comfortable. Just add a simple pair of mules and a tiny pouch and you are ready to go.

My point is, no matter if you choose to wear a primarily masculine piece, there are endless ways to keep it feminine and sexy. All you need to do is set your imagination free and choose the right pieces. And never stop projecting your feminine power!

PS.: This skirt just dropped in my new collection. Follow the link to make it yours as I assure you, it will become your new favorite piece to wear from day to night.

Skirt: Ramon Filip

Pouch: Bottega Veneta

Photography: Michalise Photographer Cyprus

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