Let’s face it. We have all spent too much time at home in our pjs and joggers and we’re craving for some good-old-times dressing up. I’m here for it ladies! I’m wearing my most lavish feather party-dress to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday, (when covid safety regulations allowed small gatherings). And I was there to party because if there’s one thing the lockdown has taught us all, that is to never take anything for granted ever again. It is the time to reflect, evaluate, prioritize, appreciate and party hard whenever we get the chance to! I go for ‘’more is more’’ with any opportunity I get, I unapologetically own the look and dance the night away.

I chose to wear this extravagant feather dress because I honestly feel that it gives me wings! Wearing it empowers me. It fills me with the recognition that I can still play the game on my own terms, no matter the constraints, no matter the rules. And it, once again, highlighted how the things that are physically closest to our bodies – our clothes, (just like the people that we love, hug and kiss) – can dramatically change our mood, our attitude and eventually our perspective.

No matter if there’s no party going on at the moment, the ritual of going into my wardrobe and putting together an outfit, it’s an event on its own right. And here’s what I’ve come to realize: that rather than being restricted by fashion during lockdown, I’ve been emancipated by it. The idea of dressing for myself, with no societal dress codes or rules to follow, has become a revelation. It is the most liberating feeling of all!

When everything around us is falling apart, dressing up is an act of revolution! The most glamorous, extravagant, voluminous and loudest things in my wardrobe offer me a hand to fight the lows of any situation. They become the bright anticipation that better days are coming. They became the wings of my imagination that transform my thoughts and lift my spirit. That’s the power of fashion and that’s one of the main reasons I so much love my job. It gives me wings and makes me fly!

Dress: Ramon Filip

Sandals: Aquazzura

Photography: Michalise Photographer Cyprus

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