Living in an era where the new norm calls for ease and comfort, RAMON FILIP transforms wardrobe staples into modern and luxurious eveningwear with a powerful 80’s flare that makes them simultaneously glamorous and versatile.

Day to night pieces get a whole new meaning in RAMON FILIP’s new collection. Think powerful tailored blazers and jackets paired with high-waisted skirts, or easy-to-wear bustiers and legging-style fitted trousers. Sleek dresses that enhance the female figure. Comfy-chic jumpsuits in vibrant pink. Strong shapes, powerful silhouettes, impeccable tailoring, luxurious fabrics, glamorous details.

It’s an image appropriate for strong, independent women, corporate executives, leaders, unapologetically ambitious career women, who have devoted their existence to pursuing a sense of freedom. They get dressed to accommodate their busy schedules, to project an image that is both appealing and powerful, confident but not arrogant. Charismatic. Credible. Comfortable. Feminine. They choose versatile pieces to wear from business meetings to fancy dinners, just by adding the right accessories, by throwing on their shoulders a velvet blazer, or by adding a polka-dot tulle blouse underneath.

Besides its versatility and ease, this collection is nothing short of luxury and glamour. Hand-embellished mirror beads adorn pencil skirts with high slits, velvet jackets and mini dresses with ruffled tulle inlays. Feather details create high contrasts on strapless dresses and mini skirts, whereas versatile bustiers are worn with almost every attire paired with delicate tulle blouses, blazers and neoprene legging-style cropped trousers.

The colour palette includes black, silver and fuschia, heightened by feathers in white and ash – a contrasting palette enhanced by ultra-modern touches. Between a masterful classicism and rethought contemporaneity, RAMON FILIP’s vision relishes in a reinterpretation of past — yet never old-fashioned — codes. The combination possibilities are endless, as are the potentials of the women who choose to wear them.

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