White for winter? Well, it is actually ground-breaking my friends! I honestly can’t think of anything looking more luxurious than a winter white outfit. This crisp, neutral hue has the ability to make every ensemble look seriously classy. And you know how I like to break the rules… In this case, behold one of the most classic and chic fabrics ever, the tweed, transformed into a cool, effortlessly chic, hoodie dress ready to take you from day to night in chicness overload.

An instant mood lifter and a desired alternative to the black and grey hues we’re used to wearing throughout the cold-weather season, this oversized sporty chic hoodie makes you stand out while making a statement. A statement that says I’m not giving up. I’m on top of my game. And while doing so, you choose to move with absolute ease between occasions and situations with a positive vibe, a playful and elegant mind-set, just like the outfit you’re wearing.

I choose to wear my hooded tweed dress with all-white accessories to increase its impact, while keeping it effortlessly elegant, cool and cosy.

After all, mixing and matching textures elevates every look, that’s for sure. Just add a touch of leather with your white combat boots and a trophy bag for the ultimate luxe cool winter white outfit, and you’re ready to go.

Feeling inspired to go all-white this season? I hope you do. (Just be careful with that coffee!)



Tweed Hoodie: RAMON FILIP


Combat boots: CHANEL (Tiffany Boutique)

Photography: Michalise Photographer Cyprus

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