There’s something exhilarating about colours! Heart-warming and full of energy, they transfer me to blazing sunsets deep diving into endless and restless oceans. They transcend me above horizon lines, they give me supremacy to push my limits, get out of my comfort zone, conquer new dreams. In other words, bright tones give me life.

When it comes to wearing them, colours offer absolute freedom of expression. While I was designing my new collection, it seemed like a natural evolution to add a big dose of brightness. I felt the urge to supplement that source of energy to my creations. When everything around us seems mundane and static, colour acts as a driving force for change.

So here is one of my favourite dresses. Nadira is an explosion of feelings, energy and outright elegance, all in one. Its feminine silhouette with the front slit for the right amount of sexiness and the playful bow around the bust make it simply irresistible.

Vibrant fuchsia and blazing orange work miracles together and they have a very special place in my heart for the energy they transmit. Fuchsia symbolizes uniqueness, confidence, maturity and certainty. It nurtures, soothes and inspires, showing a fun-loving trait. Paired with orange, which symbolizes joy, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, determination, happiness and fascination, it creates the perfect combo to uplift the spirit and make you feel invincible.

So, dare to wear colours my dear friends. You’ll be surprised by the transformation they empower in you. After all, life is too short to wear boring clothes!



P.S Watch the video here.

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