The most cheerful shade of blues takes centre stage in this season’s mood boards and becomes the colour that instantly upgrades our summer wardrobe, for vacation and beyond. Did I just say vacation? Yes!

When it comes to your vacation wardrobe, what are you looking for my dear friends?

To me, there are certain components that need to tick the right boxes, starting with comfort. And when I say comfort I mean comfortable silhouettes and cool fabrics. That’s always the first aim when I start designing a new collection, especially a summer one. Silhouettes need to be flowing, easy to wear, and feminine all together. Fabrics should be lightweight, breathable and breezy so that they hug the body with a feeling of coolness and simplify movement. Silk chiffons, cotton poplins and lightweight laces are my go to choices.

And then comes the ‘’wow factor’’. There should be something special in every piece. Either the colour shade, or a stunning detail that makes every garment unique and worth turning heads. Sometimes huge bows and intricate trims do the trick. Other times ruffles work wonders, while there are time when the simplest of silhouettes are turned marvelous just by a bright unexpected hue.

The brightness as aqua really inspired me for this vacation capsule wardrobe. Fresh and dreamy, it gives the feeling of exotic beaches, crystal clear waters, and the power of waves. Indeed, this cheerful shade of blue evokes so much energy and calmness all in one. And it was the perfect choice for this summer’s super stylish and trendy vacation pieces. It works perfectly well paired with other bright colours, like yellow, for unapologetic colour-blocking. It brightens up neutrals and with white it really is a match made in heaven!

I hope you love it my dear friends as much as I do! And when you wear it, I hope you blend in the perfect aqua setting!



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