When it comes to wedding dresses & occasion-wear, we’re in the business of creating our own traditions. Every woman is unique and that’s how we approach her style; as an amalgamation of her beauty, her personality, her dreams and her aspirations. Then we add our creativity, our impeccable tailoring, our customized designs…

But we also take into consideration that we live in the 21st century. That the pace of your life might be fast and furious, or it might be slow and mindful. If you want to go the traditional way and want us to create your own dream gown, we’re here for you. We’ll meet, we’ll chat, we’ll go through every little detail, we’ll come up with a custom design, we’ll arrange the fittings and you’ll get your one-of-a-kind gown right on time for your big day.

On the other hand, if you’re in a run, if you like things simple and fast, we’re still here for you. Just pass by, have a fitting with our ready-made wedding gowns, choose your favourite, and you’re good to go. Needless to say, every gown will be customized and tailored to your body to fit like a glove!

Our modern bride capsule collection caters for all tastes without compromising tailoring, customization, material quality and the brand’s signature features. Scalloped necklines, voluminous silhouettes, off the shoulder collars, intricate lace, airy tulle, sumptuous taffeta, and bead and crystal embellishments accentuate the feminine qualities of every design. Every gown is dreamy, yet it never seizes to reveal a strong attitude, the dynamism and a contemporary feeling for every woman who wants to feel up-to-date and empowered. Modern brides, modern dreams!


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