For those special times when you want to look totally divine, a bespoke couture dress is the answer.

The thing about couture is not just the astonishing amount of time put into the making of a dress. It’s about selecting the absolute best materials, the most sumptuous fabrics, beads and crystals that create an abundance of ornate embellishment and intricate embroidery. It’s about customisation and putting everything together into a bespoke creation. It’s about freedom of creativity and craftsmanship, the ability to create a masterpiece from scratch, entirely by hand. But above all, it’s about a dress that tells its story with special personal messages and is totally unique, just like the woman that chooses to wear it.

This is the story of Zendaya. A couture piece similar to no other, this mini dress is nothing short of magnificence. It is made entirely by hand, from scratch, featuring 3D hand embellished golden crystals in a tulle background. The Pharaoh-inspired collar is accentuated by padded shoulders for a modern effect, whereas its low waist emphasises the intricate fish-scale pattern in contrasting anthracite gathered-tulle details. 

Apart from being an outstanding red-carpet-worthy style that will turn all spotlights on you, this dress is a true masterpiece and the epitome of glamour. Everything about it exudes splendour. The endless hours of handwork put into this dress and the impeccable craftsmanship in every little detail, have solely one purpose; to make the woman who wears it bring out her most majestic self. And this is the supremacy of couture! It holds such power, that it can utterly transform you into the goddess that you truly are!

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Photography: Alexandra Wolf

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