Infatuated with the mesmerizing beauty of Venice, designer Ramona Filip takes inspiration from the city’s mystery, history and culture to divinely portray the essence of glamour in her SS22 capsule collection.

Renaissance frescoes and gothic monuments, buzzing piazzas and romantic bridges, singing gondoliers and harlequins, cast a spell in this spectacular collection that embodies glamour, mystery and drama in the most intoxicating way.

An ode to architectural magnificence, the collection’s silhouettes swing between artistic grandeur and suppleness. The amalgam of sumptuous and shiny textures create a dramatic scene of flamboyant stardom where motion and emotion take centre stage.

Flowing metallic fabrics give life to divine drapery and embrace the body to create classic, almost monumental, figures. Shiny and twisted pleats decorate shoulders and hemlines while capturing the light of a sunset and reflections of waterways in a rigorous and playful manner.

Feathers accentuate dramatic dresses, where volume and vulnerability coexist in the most harmonious way creating powerful dresses that’s impossible to go unnoticed. Crystal embellishments cover transparent tulles in the form of intricate and abstract patterns, or rich fringes and beaded chains that sparkle in every graceful movement while leaving the eye in awe.

Probably Ramon Filip’s most glamorous and mysterious collection so far, celebrates the rebirth of the brand’s core codes in a new manifestation. It’s feminine, as ever. It’s glamorous, as ever. Yet, this time around, a glorious feeling breathes upon the collection more than ever.

The Ramon Filip woman of this collection ignites the inner flame of passion for life, drama and mystery in the most unapologetic way. She shines in her metallic goddess dress under the Venetian sunset. She captures the eyes of every passenger in the Bridge of Sighs like a black swan, as she sheds her mystery over the waterways.

She takes off her mask and reveals her ancient goddess attributes to become a modern day deity. Among harlequins, jugglers, acrobats, dancers and Casanovas, she is the queen of the show and no one can steal her crown of light.

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