There can be no more fabulous way to ascend to the heights of cinematic glory than via climbing the red stairs at the Festival de Cannes. This film première rite of passage is based on traditions that have taken root over 70 years with legendary cinema stars and celebrities walking the walk of fame in some of the most extraordinary looks to date. Yes, the French film festivities are synonymous with high-class glamour and lavish luxury, and the vibe of the French Riviera is unbeatable during the celebrations.

I’m grateful and honored to had been invited by Nespresso for its 10th Anniversary celebrations, so I decided to take the Cannes Film Festival on with chic style, sleek elegance, a lavish touch of glamour and resourceful preparation! Because let’s be real, we’re all here for the glamorous looks.

To me, attending such a prestigious event is not just about being glamorous and catching the attention. It is more about revealing and celebrating your own personal style, while staying glamorous and within the dress code. With that being said, I channeled my modern goddess inspiration to design the gown that I would grace on the red carpet. An asymmetrical, monochromatic, bright fuchsia, one-shoulder evening dress with a flowing cape ticked all the right boxes for the screening I had been invited to attend. Glamorous, yet divine and impressive, it was the right kind of dress for the occasion. It made me feel and look the best version of myself without compromising elegance, the dress code of the Festival, the importance of the occasion, nor the vibe.

I walked on the red carpet with the flashlights sparkling in every direction and I enjoyed every moment to the fullest. I felt one with the surroundings, but most importantly, I felt that I made an appearance worthy of who I am and what I stand for. And that my dear friends is the power of self-aware fashion!       

When the sun went down, Cannes unveiled its festive side and welcomed the most prominent parties of the Festival. For such glamorous nights, a bit of bling is mandatory. But, that is another story…

With love from Cannes,


Photography: Alexandra Wolf

Shoes: Aquazzura

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